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World Cup Tickets Go On Sale For Brazil 2014

posted 20 Aug 2013, 13:25 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 20 Aug 2013, 13:26 ]

World Cup tickets for Brazil 2014 officially go on sale even though Brazil is not finished with its preparations, such as construction of the Sao Paulo stadium that will host the tournament's opening match next June.

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL (AUGUST 19, 2013) (REUTERS) -  World Cup tickets for Brazil 2014 officially went on sale Tuesday (August 20) even if the Sao Paulo stadium scheduled to host the opening game next June is not yet complete.

The World Cup kicks off in Sao Paulo on June 12 and takes place in 12 cities, with the final at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro on July 13.

FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke visited the Sao Paulo stadium on Monday (August 19) to see what progress has been made wrapping up the construction of a stadium plagued with delays.

Just months ago, builders had threatened to halt construction on Sao Paulo's new stadium because of a dispute over financing.

The stadium is located on the eastern edge of Brazil's largest and richest city and has an estimated construction cost of 820 million reais ($340 million U.S. dollars).

When finished, Itaquerao will have a permanent capacity of 48,000 people - and 20,000 more temporary seats for the World Cup - plus a video screen that will be even bigger than the famous one at the Dallas Cowboys' stadium in Arlington,Texas.

Six stadiums in six host cities have not yet delivered, though FIFA has said they must be ready by December.

During his quick three-day tour of Brazil Valcke planned to also visit other stadiums still under construction in Curitiba and Manaus.

The World Cup is an event many are hoping will showcase Brazil's arrival as a major economic power, but the recent Confederations Cup was marked by large scale protests against the cost of hosting big ticket sporting events.

In recognition of their hard work, FIFA presented symbolic tickets to representatives of the construction workers busy with finishing Itaquerao.

On Monday (August 19) FIFA Marketing Director, Thierry Weil, explained the ticketing process, saying that all ticket requests made before October 10 will enter a lottery if there are not enough tickets available to fulfil requests.

"We will start selling tickets for the World Cup 2014. What it means is tomorrow we will collect the orders. But you don't have to rush. There is one and a half months, until the tenth of October you can give actually your requests and there will be a lottery, there will be a draw after the tenth of October. And we will then see who has been lucky to get tickets. So, it opens tomorrow but you don't have to rush. You have one and a half months to submit your orders and then there will be a draw," Weil said.

Meanwhile, Valcke was pleased to confirm that Itaquerao would be ready for both the opening World Cup match and test matches.

"So let's look around. And I can tell you that yes, the stadium will be given on time and yes will be ready to organize the opening game of the World Cup, but also test events before these opening games here in the stadium of the Corinthians. So, we are very confident. We are very happy. The grass seems already beautiful and in a few weeks it will be ready to host the games," Valcke said.

With so many projects yet to complete in the final months before the World Cup officially begins, Portal 2014, a World Cup information website specializing in stadium and infrastructure news, aims to inform both Brazilians and foreigners of what to expect as the global sporting event approaches.

Brazil's sheer size and the distances between some of the host cities are sure to factor into the decision making of potential ticket purchasers.

Director of Portal 2014 Rodrigo Prada said that anyone purchasing tickets will be able to receive their tickets at home.

"One big difference in relation to this World Cup which did not happen in any other World Cup, based on FIFA's experience during the Confederations Cup, the tourists, the fans, the foreigners, and Brazilians can receive their tickets at home. Before fans had to use their credit card online and then print receipt in order to go retrieve their tickets. Now it is different, now ticket purchasers have the ability to receive the tickets at home," Prada said.

Tickets for the 2014 World Cup will cost some 10 percent more than in South Africain 2010, with the most expensive ones for international fans selling for $990 and the cheapest for $90.

More than one million tickets for the first phase of the tournament went on sale on August 20. If they were not all sold by October 10, they would be offered again from the first week of November.

Playing venues for the 32 qualifying teams would be decided at the draw for the finals on December 6 and a third phase of sales would begin two days later. All sales would take place via

Some three million tickets are available in total, with 700,000 of them going on sale to international fans.

Five hundred thousand cheaper tickets have been set aside exclusively for Brazilians, with many being offered at half price to pensioners, students and people receiving government aid. The tickets, all of which are for group games, could be sold for $15.

FIFA said it had learnt from organisational problems at the recent Confederations Cup in Brazil and would provide more information for fans going to World Cup matches, with stadium seating plans available online.

Avid soccer fan and intern Lucas Carvalho said that the process of buying tickets on Tuesday was simple.

"It was easy. For the Confederations Cup it was relatively easy to buy tickets over the internet as well. I had already registered with the FIFA website and so I simply went to the FIFA website, chose the games I wanted and the categories that I wanted while the demand is low because of the lottery. The whole process took about 10 minutes," Carvalho said.

As fans go online and make the tough decisions of which matches they want to try and attend the clock is ticking with less than 300 days to go before the opening match.