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World Cup Draw Like Box Of Chocolates Says England's Hodgson

posted 2 Dec 2013, 10:23 by Mpelembe   [ updated 2 Dec 2013, 10:24 ]

World cup venues are as big a concern as opponents, says England manager Roy Hodgson.

 LONDONUNITED KINGDOM (DECEMBER 2, 2013) (ITN) -  England manager Roy Hodgson borrowed a line from the hit movie Forrest Gump on Monday (December 2) when he described his thoughts ahead of this week's draw for the World Cup.

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Hodgson flies from London to Brazil on Tuesday for the draw on Friday, when his team will discover who they face in next year's finals.

England are not one of the top seeds and could find themselves in the same group as hosts Brazil, world champions Spain or Germany.

Asked about the draw at a news conference on Monday, Hodgson said: "I think it is very nice that we are there and we will hope for the best, but it will be like, what was his name? (Actor) Tom Hanks there with his box of chocolates. Forrest Gump. We will open the box and we will take what we get and then we will try and digest it."

While England fans chew over the possible opposition, Hodgson said he was equally concerned with where his side would play in the vast South American country.

Southern cities like Sao Paulo will be relatively mild in the Brazilian winter, but matches in northern venues such as RecifeFortaleza or the jungle city of Manauswill be hot and humid and could favour some Latin American and African sides.

"We will get what we get really. The most important thing is to be there, that's the first thing. And then of course you always hope that the draw is going to be kind to you, kind to you in terms of where you are asked to play, because there are venues in Brazil which will be tougher to play in than others; maybe in terms of the teams you are drawn against. You know, some teams, certainly on paper, will look to present tougher targets than others. But the important thing is that we are there," said Hodgson.

The England manager, whose side lost two consecutive home friendlies againstChile and Germany in November, said being drawn against Lionel Messi'sArgentina would not necessarily be a bad thing.

"I'm more concerned I would say, if anything, about the venues than I am about the teams we will draw, because all discussion about teams and their strengths is based really on, not speculation, but it's -- we don't know, you know, we don't know how good Argentina are, you know. We would all think, I think in this room, 'blimey,Argentina are strong', but we don't know. They might not be any stronger thanChile, we don't know that, you know. The good thing is that if we get Argentina, for example, we will be there, we've got a chance to play them and we will believe that when we go out on the field we've got a chance to beat them," said Hodgson.