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World Class cycling festival announced for London

posted 10 Aug 2012, 10:03 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 10 Aug 2012, 10:03 ]

A new world class cycling festival is announced for London by two times gold medal winner Laura Trott. The young poster-girl for British cycling used the event to confirm her relationship with team mate Jason Kenny and explains how she kept romance under wraps during the Games.

At an event to promote a new world class cycle festival in London on Friday (August 10), the new golden girl of British cycling, Laura Trott, confirmed her relationship with fellow Team GB cyclist Jason Kenny.
The secret was out when the pair were spotted kissing watching the beach volleyball the other day and with the Olympic events in the velodrome now over, Trott is free to share her happiness.

She explained how the couple kept their relationship secret despite the pressure of the lead-up to the Games.

"We went the right way about doing it. We just saw each other between training, just didn't make a fuss when we were in track centre and things like that, so, yes, we were very quiet," said Trott.

The 20-year-old is the face of a new generation of British cyclists, who have built on the surprise success of the older Team GB cyclists at the Beijing Games.

Trott won two golds at the London Games and can't wait for more victories.

"I just like winning. Once you have had that feeling you just want it all the time. It's that drive, that drive to win that I like," she said.

Kenny also won two medals for Team GB.

A victory hailed by London Mayor Boris Johnson: "I'm told that Laura and her boyfriend together rank 16th in the world medals table, so this is the moment, this is the moment isn't it for the great leap forward in cycling?"

He went on to announce a major cycling event in London - Ride London - which will be the bicycling equivalent of the London Marathon.

"The next big push and that is what we are announcing today. The greatest cycle weekend in the world in what is fast becoming the greatest cycling city on Earth," said Johnson.

The annual Ride London will include a 100-mile marathon and a family ride through central London to encourage new people the sport.

Organisers hope the marathon will attract 20,000 amateur riders, all eager to ride a modified version of the Olympic road race route which will end in front of Buckingham Palace.

"It will be a huge charity fundraising event. The London marathon is the largest annual one day fund-raising event in the world. We want this to be the largest cycling fund-raising event in the world," said organiser Hugh Brasher.

Capping off Ride London, will be an international one day classic road race for professionals.

It's hoped top teams will want to race, including British Olympian medalists Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish.

The Olympic and Tour de France success for Britain has seen a surge in cycle sales and sparked a sudden huge interest in cycling.

Trott said she's happy to be the poster-girl for the sport and Ride London and promote it as an activity for all the family.

"It is nice you can do something as a family and because it is closed roads as well, and obviously with London being the backdrop I think it would be really nice," she said.

Appropriately London's Mayor is one of the city's most famous cyclists, so much so that the capital's rental bikes are affectionately known as Boris Bikes.

He's often seen turning up to political meetings on a bike, hair dishevelled, slighltly out of breath and with shirt-tails hanging out over his portly girth.

No wonder the surprise from journalists that the mayor had agreed to enter the 100-mile marathon.

"I don't see why everybody thinks that this is so controversial, I mean 100 miles has to be a piece of cake isn't it? I mean on a bicycle," he said, to laughter from reporters.

The Ride London festival will take place on August 3-4, 2013.