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Tiger Woods' dismissed caddy is surprised and disappointed

posted 21 Jul 2011, 06:03 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 21 Jul 2011, 06:08 ]
 Golf caddie Steve Williams says he is extremely disappointed at being dismissed by Tiger Woods and surprised at the timing.

SUNRIVER, OREGON, USA (JULY 20, 2011) TVNZ -  Golf caddie Steve Williams said on Wednesday (July 20) he was extremely disappointed at being dismissed by Tiger Woods and surprised at the timing, especially given his loyalty when the star was going through the scandal that ended his marriage.

New Zealander Williams had been a regular caddie for Woods since 1999 and helped the former world number one to win 13 majors.

The split came two weeks ago, but was only announced by Woods on Wednesday on his website.

"I want to express my deepest gratitude to Stevie for all his help, but I think it's time for a change," Woods wrote.

"Stevie is an outstanding caddie and a friend and has been instrumental in many of my accomplishments. I wish him great success in the future."

Woods has been trying to rebuild his golf swing and his private life after the break-up of his marriage due to a string of affairs.

Williams told a television interviewer on Wednesday from Sunriver in Oregon, where he has a home: "Well I am extremely disappointed Martin, you know, given the fact that the last 18 months has been a particularly difficult time -- Tiger obviously working through a scandal; a new coach; a swing change. And you know, the last 18 months have been very difficult and I've stuck by him through thick and thin. I've been incredibly loyal and then, you know and then to have this happen, I mean basically you could say I've wasted two years of my life the last two years."

Woods hurt his knee and Achilles tendon during the U.S. Masters in April and has not played since he pulled out of the Players Championship in May after playing just nine holes.

Williams said on Wednesday: "You know I wouldn't ditch somebody when the chips are down. I've stuck by Tiger. You know he put myself and my family in a difficult position there for quite a period of time. So you know I've stuck by him, I was loyal to him. So you know I am very disappointed that it's come to an end at this time. I'm not disappointed at the fact that I got fired, that's part of the job when you work in this business; there's no hidden agenda where that comes. But you know the timing of it is extraordinary to me."

After last year's U.S. Open, Woods told reporters there was no tension between him and Williams, despite having made comments that were widely interpreted as critical. After the final round at Pebble Beach, Woods said he had made three mental mistakes and gone against his instincts.

Williams said on Wednesday: "Given the fact of what's transpired in the last 18 months I mean, you know, I certainly along with a lot of people lost respect for Tiger. And you know I pointed out to him when he came back to Augusta in 2010 after what had happened that, you know, he had to earn back my respect and you know slowly he was doing that but obviously that is not the case right now."

During Woods' injury absence, Williams has caddied for Australian Adam Scott.

Woods did not name a replacement for Williams or say when he would return to competition from his leg injuries.

He has not won a major since the 2008 U.S. Open, nor any tournament worldwide since 2009 and his world ranking has fallen to number 20.