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The 5 Worst Sportsmen Of All Time

posted 16 Dec 2010, 08:32 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 16 Dec 2010, 08:33 ]

Watching poor spinner Xavier Doherty in the Ashes series this
winter has made me think that it is the very worst sportsmen
who garner the most admiration at times. A guy who has never
been Test standard has been propelled into the Ashes series,
and has floundered. Sometimes hilariously!

So here's my top 5 most "out of their depth" sportsmen -
those who have been thrust into the limelight despite a
clear lack of ability, and have, in the process, earned our

5 - Ali Dia, Southampton FC

Nobody is quite sure how Ali Dia found himself on the pitch
for Southampton other than Graeme Souness, his manager at
the time. After ten minutes running around like a headless
chicken, Souness realised that he had been "had". Earlier
that week, the man many consider to have been the worst
manager in Premiership history, received a phone call from a
man pretending to be George Weah, legendary Paris Saint
German footballer. He told Graeme Souness that his cousin,
Ali Dia, was a top footballer and should be playing for

Without even seeing a video of Dia play, and without having
even seen him in training, Souness put Dia on the bench and
promptly brought him on in the second half. What happened
next was less embarrassing for Dia than it was for Souness -
perhaps the most awful footballer to have ever graced the
stage of the Premier League was then substituted himself,
never to be seen again. Red-faced, Souness retreated, and
was soon fired.

4 - Clive Eksteen, South Africa

South Africans do not look back fondly on Clive Eksteen's
performance on the last two days in Johannesburg, bowling 65
overs to Michael Atherton and Jack Russell, without taking a
single wicket or even turning the ball - the bare minimum
requirement for a spinner on the last days of a cracked test

A relative success at provincial level, Eksteen never really
made the grade at Test level, and was subsequently dropped.

3 - Claus Lundekvam, Southampton (again)

Claus Lundekvam was one of those early-era Premiership
players who should really have remained in the
pre-Premiership era. One-paced, heavy-footed and not even
described as a 'game tryer', he was carried off on a
stretcher at Filbert Street, Leicester. Southampton manager
at the time, Gordon Strachan, was asked by a reporter if
Lundekvam was unconscious. He answered "I've no idea - he's
always like that."


2 - Jason Lee, Nottingham Forest FC

Poor Jason Lee. Propelled into first-team action in the
Premier League, Jason Lee stuck out like a sore thumb. This
was not only due to his appalling hairdo, which resembled a
pineapple, but due to his first touch, which often sent the
ball careering into touch. To his credit, Lee scored the odd
goal here and there, but what stuck out more than anything
was the fact that Lee was no better than a fourth division
footballer playing in the wrong league.

He fell down the leagues quickly, and is remembered for the
Fantasy Football League song 'he's got a pineapple on his
head', which was sung up and down terraces around the

1 - Eddie the Eagle, ski-jumper

Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards qualified for the Winter Olympics
almost by default, and quickly endeared himself to the wider
public by dint of being last. All the time. He was, quite
frankly, a very poor ski jumper, but had only switched to
ski jumping due to a lack of money, and greater chances of

In the 1988 Winter Olympics, Edwards finished last in both
the 70m and the 90m events, and with his Mr Magoo-style
appearance, he became at first a laughing stock, and then a
national icon. Revered for 'trying really hard' by the
public, Edwards was equally reviled by the ski-jumping
community for debasing the sport. A rule was subsequently
created to stop the likes of Eddie the Eagle competing in
ski jumping events in the future, which is a shame.

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