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Team GB on track to reach medal target

posted 3 Aug 2012, 13:41 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 3 Aug 2012, 13:42 ]

Team GB Chef de Mission Andy Hunt says the host nation is on track to reach its medal target with some unlikely success stories emerging .
The medals at the London Olympics are starting to flood in and the host nation remained on track to eclipse its tally from four years ago, Team GB Chef de Mission Andy Hunt said on Friday (August 2).
Britain added gold medals in rowing and track cycling to its growing list of achievements with the women's double sculls victory poignant in that it was finally a victory for three-time silver medalist Kath Grainger.

Speaking outside the athletes' village, Hunt told Reuters he was very satisfied with how things were progressing on the medal front.

"It's another really good day of progress with up to 19 medals, up to six gold medals and making progress towards our target of more medals in more sports in a century. Some of the medals that have been achieved have been really fantastic," he said.

"Special for me was Kath Granger and Anna Watkins - Kath finally breaking through and getting that gold medal, that elusive gold medal. I spoke to her afterwards and she said it had taken 15 years of her life to get to that moment. After three silver medals that was a very special moment in the Games."

Britain's medal collection includes success in judo and shooting, feats Hunt was quick to praise as Britain has not traditionally been strong in.

"Well the two judo medals, I'm very, very proud of both the medal yesterday and Karina Bryant - bronze medal today. That's really, really important for Judo.

"Canoeing yesterday - the two C2 medals - they're really owning the podium those guys yesterday.

"Peter Wilson in the double trap, that gold medal, first gold medal in shooting since 2000, and a gold medal, talk about doing it in style. He's a young lad, only took up shooting a few years ago, but real absolutely natural talent, and completely nailed it, completely nailed it."

Hunt added the support Team GB's athletes had received from the home crowds, particularly on the Eton Dorney rowing course and in cycling's velodrome, had been tremendous.

"Alan Campbell is an extraordinary athlete, you know single sculling is so hard, you haven't actually got that team work, it's all up to you, and the crowd literally came alive. We were roaring, we were chanting, we were screaming. I've virtually lost my voice. The chanting for GB and he totally used it. He totally used the affect from the crowd to push him ahead to get that elusive bronze medal for him," Hunt said.

"Last night in the velodrome, it's the ultimate gladiatorial arena there. The speeds that were being achieved were incredible. World Record, Olympic Record, I lost count actually of how many were broken last night.

"So the home nation effect is huge, and thanks to the British public for getting right behind the team."

As at 1800GMT on Friday (August 3), Britain was fourth on the medal count with seven golds, six silver and seven bronze.