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Slow Usain Bolt still wins the 100 metres at the Ostrava

posted 31 May 2011, 13:59 by Mpelembe   [ updated 31 May 2011, 14:03 ]

Usain Bolt wins in Ostrava but is again slow off the blocks.

Usain Bolt won the 100 metres at the Ostrava Golden Spike meeting on Tuesday (May 31) but failed to improve on the time he set in his first race of the season in the Diamond League last week.

The Jamaican world record holder and Olympic champion again seemed a little slow off the blocks but recovered to finish in 9.91 seconds on a dry evening -- the same time as in Rome and was pleased with his overall performance.

Fellow Jamaican Steve Mullings, who has the best time of the year, 9.89 seconds, finished second in 9.97 seconds.

Bolt, three-times gold medallist at both the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2009 world championships in Berlin holds world record of 9.58 seconds since 2009.

Cuba's Dayron Robles took his favourite sixth lane and won the 110 metre hurdles in 13.14 seconds, but fell short of his shared leading time this year of 13.07 and his world record of 12.87 set in Ostrava three years ago.

Another Jamaican, Veronica Campbell-Brown, won the women's 100 metres with this year's best time of 10.76 seconds.

Jamaicans extended their dominance to the 200 metres race won by Marvin Anderson (20.27) and to the 400 won by Jermaine Gonzales (45.07).

South Africa's Oscar Pistorius, called "Blade Runner" due to his prosthetic blades, was for a moment close to the winner Gonzalez but lost pace, finishing in sixth place in 46.19 seconds.

Lj van Zyl of South Africa won the 400 metre hurdles, the third victory in a row, matching his own world leading time of 47.66 seconds from February.

Kenyan Paul Kipsiele Koech ran on his own the second half of the 3,000 metre men's steeplechase to win in a meeting record of 8:02.55, behind this season's leading time of 8:02.28

Ostrava meeting selected results from Czech Republic:

Men's 100m

1. Usain Bolt (Jamaica) 9.91

2. Steve Mullings (Jamaica) 9.97

3. Daniel Bailey (Antigua and Barbuda) 10.08

Men's 110m Hurdles

1. Dayron Robles (Cuba) 13.14

2. Dwight Thomas (Jamaica) 13.24

3. Terrence Trammell (U.S.) 13.30

Women's 100m

1. Veronica Campbell-Brown (Jamaica) 10.76

2. Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie (Bahamas) 11.09

3. Schillonie Calvert (Jamaica) 11.13

Men's 200m

1. Marvin Anderson (Jamaica) 20.27

2. Yohan Blake (Jamaica) 20.38

3. Mario Forsythe (Jamaica) 20.43

Men's 400m

1. Jermaine Gonzales (Jamaica) 45.07

2. Chris Brown (Bahamas) 45.17

3. Jordan Boase (U.S.) 45.34

Men's 400m Hurdles

1. L.J. Van Zyl (South Africa) 47.66

2. David Greene (Britain) 48.47

3. Johnny Dutch (U.S.) 48.72

Men's 3000m Steeplechase

1. Paul Kipsiele Koech (Kenya) 8:02.55

2. Hillary Kipsang Yego (Kenya) 8:12.63

3. Roba Gary (Ethiopia) 8:15.16