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Seahawks Fans Trapped In Jersey

posted 1 Feb 2014, 14:50 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 1 Feb 2014, 14:50 ]

EAST RUTHERFORDNEW JERSEYUNITED STATES (FEBRUARY 1, 2014) (REUTERS) - When Seahawks fans Teri and John Hurlbut woke up this morning to find themselves in East Rutherford, New Jersey, for tomorrow's big game, they didn't realize that getting there from Seattle was the easy part.

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"It's not in the middle of nowhere, we're in New Jersey!" joked Teri about the situation.

The couple arrived in New Jersey for Super Bowl XLVIII on the red-eye flight on Saturday morning (February 1) and drove to their hotel, less than a half mile from MetLife Stadium.

"It's only a half mile from the stadium, so we figured that would be great we could just walk to the stadium. Then, we realized we can't walk to the stadium!" explained John.

As it turns out, due to the heightened security measures and the expanded security cordon, they would not be able to do so.

"It's not frustrating, it was just kind of shocking that we couldn't walk, so no biggy. We'll catch a bus or something," said Teri.

In fact, in order to get to the stadium for the Super Bowl, they will need to take a hotel shuttle to a local restaurant where they will board another shuttle -- a loop of almost five extra miles to the game.

In no hurry to explore the surrounding area of industrial warehouses and marshland and also not the small town of East Rutherford, the Hurlbuts were eager to reach the Big Apple.

"We don't need to dig up any bodies today," joked John referring to the popular cable show, The Sopranos, based in New Jersey.

"We just want to go in [to New York], get a slice [of pizza], have some good food, hang out in Super Bowl alley, hang out with the rest of the 12th Man, and support our Seahawks," he said.

Super Bowl XLVIII will kick off at 1830est (2330gmt) in Sunday (February 2).