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Ronaldo Lauds Brazil's Victory In The Confederations Cup, Says He Backs Protesters

posted 1 Jul 2013, 14:58 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 1 Jul 2013, 14:59 ]

RIO DE JANEIROBRAZIL (JULY 1, 2013) (REUTERS) -  Brazilian soccer great Ronaldo congratulated his national team for their triumphant 3-0 win over current world champions Spain in the final of the Confederations Cup, even as he said he supported the wave of protests that have swept across the country.

Soccer legend Ronaldo lauded the team's victory which they achieved after winning five straight games to end The Fury's three-year record run of 29 unbeaten competitive matches.

"First, I would just like to congratulate the Brazilian team for a fantastic victory, for an incredible accomplishment and the way we played, especially. Besides that, the involvement and participation of the Brazilian fans in our stadiums. You know, it's emotional," Ronaldo said.

The eight-nation tournament, considered the dress rehearsal for the 32-nation, month-long 2014 World Cup, captured global attention as it had never done before as citizens across the nation used the event as a forum to vent their frustrations at a system they regard as corrupt.

A major message from protesters was that money spent on football should have been used instead on improving the country's public transport, education and national health facilities.

But Ronaldo said he believed that Brazilians weren't against the World Cup, but against social injustice.

"The protest movement has all my support because really Brazil, the Brazilian people are tired of the situation we encounter. I want to say that speaking to people on the street, I believe that the Brazilian people are not against the World Cup, there are not against the Confederations Cup, they are against corruption, the division of wealth, against the way public health is managed, and the educational system."

Government intervention will likely be a major key to keeping people from protesting again next year when the stakes will be higher than ever as Brazil expects an estimated 500,000 soccer fans to descend upon the nation for soccer's world championship.