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Preparations Are Made For World Cup Draw

posted 2 Dec 2013, 18:02 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 2 Dec 2013, 18:02 ]

The 32 qualifying teams on Friday (December 6) discover who will be playing who and where.

 COSTA DO SAUIPE, BAHIABRAZIL (DECEMBER 2, 2013)(REUTERS) - Preparations are being made in the resort town of Costa do Sauipe on Monday (December 2) for Friday's (December 6) final World Cup draw.

The 32 qualifying teams will discover at that time which group they belong to and who they will be playing in their three group stage matches.

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For some teams the draw will also dictate where they will be based in Brazil, given the logistics of reaching some of the more far-flung destinations.

The draw will take place at 1600GMT on Friday in a large pavilion in the resort town.

On Monday (December 2) media representatives were welcomed by Bahia's secretary of state Ney Campello who told them that the costs associated with the draw were an investment by the state to publicise its facilities.

"We understand that this cost benefit relation more than justifies this investment," Campello said. "Just from the point of view of the diffusion of images and the results that we are already seeing, like filling hotels, the money that is going to circulate in our metropolitan region, especially in the northern coast and the capital over that time, more than justify it. But it is not the state's purpose to make profit in the point of view of the financial result of the event. The profit from this event is the promotion of our state and consolidating Bahia as a destination for big events and the great idea this is."

Reporters were briefed on preparations by FIFA's 2014 World Cup organiser Saint-Clair Milesi, who was asked what steps had been taken to cope with any demonstrations or protests that might occur.

"Safety always comes first. The safety of everyone involved," Milesi said. "Now, it is important to note, demonstrations, the rights of demonstrators - we live in a democratic society, they have to be 100 percent respected - but the right to come and go also has to be preserved. In closing, this has all been thought through. For our part we take care of managing the event, we don't do public safety. We trust the public safety authorities who assure, as they always have, that those taking part in the event, who want to come and leave the event, can."