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NBA believes Lin will bring more opportunities to Asian market

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China-Jeremy Lin -- NBA believes Lin will bring more opportunities to Asian market

CCTV BEIJING - The NBA believes Jeremy Lin's astounding success will bring more opportunities for the league's exploration into the Asian basketball market, said Scott Levy, vice president of NBA Asia, as the Chinese-American rookie continues to rock the basketball world..

"Jeremy has brought new additional fan base to the game. And I think our partners and prospective partners all see that, and understand that basketball is very popular and becoming more so. They have great interest in associating with the NBA," Levi said.

Levy also said many TV stations in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines are trying to obtain broadcast rights for New York Knicks' games - Lin's team.

However, Levy said Lin has just begun his story, and needs to learn more from Yao Ming, the former Chinese Basketball star who gained a huge success in NBA.

Lin has already had a huge impact on sport's merchandise sales around China. At one basketball store in Hong Kong, the owner is constantly reordering from U.S. suppliers as Lin's shirts are flying off shelves.

The owner said he is quite confident in Lin's market potential, as more and more Chinese get into the "Linsanity."

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