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Less is more, say women fans at Olympic beach volleyball

posted 29 Jul 2012, 09:17 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 29 Jul 2012, 09:18 ]

The great question of the Olympics: should male beach volleyball players wear as little clothing as the females?

(LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM) (BBC-ITN POOL) - Say the words "beach volleyball" and you can be sure that someone -- probably a man -- will make a reference to scantily clad women.

British media coverage of the sport in the run-up to the Olympics focussed on the question of whether the women players would wear bikinis if it rained. The clear implication was that if they covered up, the game would lose much of its appeal.

The combination of beachwear, rock music and beer with a view of Parliament's clock tower has made tickets to Olympic Beach Volleyball in London's iconic Horseguards Parade amongst the hottest tickets in town.

The women seem to prefer the freedom of movement given by skimpy clothing, but the men generally wear vests and baggy shorts.

So do women spectators think the men should wear less too?

As fans Rhiannon Johnson and Amy Ross left the venue after matches including the Brazilian men's duo, they commented:

"Brazil, beautiful. It's a shame they kept their tops on though."

"Yeah we thought all the girls have hardly anything on, so we were hoping the men would just have little Speedos but no. So I think that's unfair!"

Julia Wokes and her daughter Sally Stephens were also disappointed to see the men covered up.

"Well we were quite disappointed about the lack of the male (torso on show).

"Yeah, we think thongs for next year -- next time definitely."

Jenny Lacey said: "The men weren't as hot as the women I have to say and I'm married. But they weren't as hot."

With pop music blaring from loudspeakers between points and beachwear-clad half-time dancers, it's not a sport that does not take itself too seriously.

Visiting Australian Tim Anderson said he was surprised to see British fans enjoying the spectacle so much.

"Well I was actually pretty impressed because I thought the British were kind of prudish and then all the girls came out in little bikinis and started doing a raunchy half-time show and all the men picked up their binoculars and actually started getting interested in the sport. So, so I was kind of impressed; the British knew how to turn on the sex appeal a little," said Anderson.