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Jeremy Lin 'thankful' to Chinese fans

posted 27 Feb 2012, 05:28 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 27 Feb 2012, 05:29 ]

NBA basketball sensation Jeremy Lin talks about staying focused on improving his game and says he looks forward to meeting his Chinese fans.

ORLANDO, USA (FEBRUARY 26, 2012)  (CCTV) - New York Knicks basketball sensation Jeremy Lin stated on Sunday (February 26) his desire to stay focused on improving in the game.

Lin, 23, the son of Taiwanese immigrants who had been cut by two National Basketball Association teams before getting his chance with the Knicks, rocketed from obscurity to worldwide celebrity this season, coming off the bench to spark a team that had been forced to play without its top players.

The NBA star said that he was thankful to his fans in China.

"It's been busy but I'm enjoying it, and thankful to all my fans in China," he said. "Hopefully, I get to meet you guys soon and I'll be out there this summer. And you know, obviously just trying to handle everything and stay focused so I can play basketball the right way."

Lin said that improving in the game and becoming a better player remains his top priority.

"I just try to practice and work on the areas that I need to work on and whenever I get a chance to try not to take too many days off, and so it doesn't matter where I am, I just try to make sure I'm improving," said Lin.

The Knicks guard added that he intends to rest well during the All-Star break, as the demands of the court have worn him out physically.

"I think I've been really tired the last couple of weeks, just not used to playing so many minutes but definitely an adjustment and I think I'm going to rest a lot during this All-Star break," he said. "And hopefully, I'll be able to get ready for second half of the season."

A Harvard graduate rejected by a string of NBA teams, Lin has hit the headlines in recent weeks, inspiring a string of victories and catching the eyes of fans across the world.

The basketball fever, dubbed by some as "Linsanity", has spread quickly through Taiwan.