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Italians frustrated as start of Serie A season postponed and strike is confirmed

posted 26 Aug 2011, 08:10 by Mpelembe   [ updated 26 Aug 2011, 08:12 ]

Italians voice their frustration after hearing that the start of the Serie A season will be postponed.

The start of the Serie A season this weekend was postponed on Friday (August 26) after the Italian Players' Union (AIC) called a strike after failing to reach agreement with clubs over a new deal over players' rights.

Newspapers ran extensive stories on the strike on Friday; 'Everyone Stop' ran one headline 'Soccer Postponed' ran another.

Italians on the street voiced their frustration over the decision stating that in these times of economic hardship both the players and the clubs should be embarrassed by their behaviour.

"These people who are multi millionaires just aren't thinking properly, strikes should be for disadvantaged people, not them," said Rome resident Romano Trotta.

"'s all a load of shit, we should strike for serious matters, to earn an additional 10 or 20 euro, but these soccer players who earn millions just shouldn't strike, they are really taking the piss," said furious soccer fan Saverio Avi.

"They should all be embarrassed, especially in this moment where there are so many problems which Italy should really be worrying about and now we have to worry about soccer on top of everything else," said soccer fan Silvano Stefanelli.

"But anyway I am sure at the end it will all work out - we are in Italy and they will play," he added.

The Lega Serie A, representing Italy's 20 top flight clubs, refused to agree to a last-minute proposal from the AIC to sign a one-season deal to avert strike action, prompting the postponement of Saturday and Sunday's fixtures.