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Handball players arrested in match-fixing scandal

posted 30 Sep 2012, 15:17 by Mpelembe   [ updated 30 Sep 2012, 15:17 ]

Several Montpellier handball players are arrested after an investigation into an alleged match-fixing scandal.

PARIS, FRANCE (SEPTEMBER 30, 2012) (RMC) - French handball champions Montpellier players were arrested on Sunday (September 30) as part of an investigation into match-fixing relating to a first division game earlier this year.

Several players, including two-times Olympic and world champion Nikola Karabatic, were seen escorted out after having played a game in the French capital by police specialised in gambling investigations.

A judicial source told Reuters earlier this week that suspicious bets were placed on a match that Montpellier, French champions every year since 2008, surprisingly lost to Cesson Sevigne on May 12.

The source spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not allowed to comment on the matter publicly.

Montpellier Club President Remy Levy told Reuters he did not want to comment the arrests because the club was a plaintiff in the affair but added he had been shocked by them.

Levy said earlier this week that he had been spoken to as part of the investigation but denied that the club was involved in match-fixing.

The players and members of the club's staff were taken to Police headquarters in Nanterre outside Paris for questioning.

Investigators will try to establish whether some of the players placed bets on their own defeat in order to make money.

Montpellier, the 2003 European champions, have been the French champions every year since 2008.