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FRANCE RACISM : Allegations of racial quotas in the country's youth soccer teams

posted 6 May 2011, 11:23 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 6 May 2011, 11:27 ]

French national soccer coach Laurent Blanc in the spotlight as Sports Minister warns of action if allegations of racial quotas in the country's youth teams are proven.

PARIS, FRANCE (MAY 6, 2011) REUTERS - Reporters waited in vain for French national soccer coach Laurent Blanc to arrive at the country's soccer federation on Friday (May 6) as a row over claims of racial quotas in soccer swirled around him, meanwhile the Sports Minister warned she would act in the courts if the allegations were proven.

Blanc, who is expected to testify at the inquiry over the allegations in the next few days, remained at a spa in Italy as investigative website Mediapart published what it said was more evidence that quotas were being studied.

Talking to BFM news channel, Sports Minister Chantal Jouanno said quotas were illegal and that she was prepared to seek the prosecution of anyone involved.

She added she had spoken to Blanc by telephone, but that the question of his resignation had not been raised.

Simultaneously, the Mediapart website that originally broke the story published what it said were documents that showed officials had studied the nationalities of players in several of its youth squads.

It highlighted a graph showing the percentage of players that had a second nationality and might at some stage be susceptible to play for another national team.

Blanc has denied any wrongdoing and is now expected to be heard from at two separate enquiries set up by the Sports Ministry and the FFF in the next few days.