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F1 Chinese Grand Prix sees best attendance in history

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China-F1/Attendance -- 2012 F1 Chinese Grand Prix sees best attendance in history

CCTV BEIJING - The final race of 2012 F1 Chinese Grand Prix started in Shanghai on Sunday (Beijing Time).

This is the ninth time for F1 Chinese Grand Prix to be held in Shanghai International Circuit. As a name card of Shanghai, F1 exerts increasing more impact on the municipality and bringing more increasing noticeable economic benefits to its residents.

This year's F1 in Shanghai station see the best attendance in history. Though the tickets are not cheap, the fans' enthusiasm is still very high.

The return of Kimi Raikkonen and gathering of six active service world champions may be a reason for boosting box-office sales.

"600,000 tickets were sold at the scene of practice session on Friday, and is 1000,000 tickets were sold at the scene on Saturday alone. The attendance of Sunday may be anywhere from 90,000 to 100,000," said Jiang lan, manager of Shanghai Juss Event Company.

Besides the splendid race, off-site interactive activities and derivative products of F1 team have also attracted many fans.

Some brand enterprises also regard F1 as an international platform to make advertisements for them. A sport university of American even came to the scene hoping to solicit small kids fans.

According to the organizer of F1 Chinese Grand Prix, the investment on systematic circuit construction in the past nine years is nearly several billion yuan. In addition, 30,000,000 US dollars were paid to F1 Company and the racing track costs for maintenance is also calculated by over 10 million US dollars. Though it seems a money burning business, the race's comprehensive influence is huge.

Since Shanghai began to host the F1, the number of audience every year will exceed 150,000 and this has effectively boom the aviation, logistics, hotel, catering and tourism businesses as well as sport industries.

"This is a golden period for the hotel, the occupancy rate is nearly more than ninety percent or even one hundred percent," said Zhu Jianzhong, Deputy Director with Travel Bureau of Jiading District in Shanghai.

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