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Euro2020 to be staged across continent

posted 7 Dec 2012, 04:59 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 7 Dec 2012, 05:00 ]

Soccer's second-biggest tournament will be spread across Europe, UEFA confirm

 LAUSANNESWITZERLAND (DECEMBER 06, 2012) (REUTERS) -  The European Championship in 2020 will be staged in cities across the continent to spread the financial load of hosting the tournament, European soccer's governing body UEFA said on Thursday (December 6).

The idea was first aired by UEFA president Michel Platini at the end of Euro 2012. Three of the last four European Championships have been staged in two countries although it was traditionally held in one.

UEFA said it had consulted its member national associations and received an "extremely positive" response, with only Turkey objecting to the idea.

"When you have the football and the best of football in Europe, we have it, then with the best venues and the most beautiful cities in Europe, not only capitals, but most beautiful cities, will have the biggest party ever organised all over Europe in the summer of 2020," Infantino told reporters on Thursday (December 6)

Platini had said in June: "It will be a lot easier from a financial perspective for all the countries. "If you need to build airports or 10 stadiums in a country - this would be rather easy because it would be one stadium per host city. The next Euros, in France in 2016, will comprise 24 teams rather than 16 this year."

The bidding process for 2020 host cities will start early next year and will take around 12 months. Decisions on the host countries are expected in the spring of 2014, Infantino told reporters.

"The main point is really to give more cities, more countries, the possibility to host a celebration European Championship, a Euro for Europe to the whole of Europe," he added.