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Don't Rule Out London NFL Franchise Says Frazier

posted 26 Sep 2013, 15:45 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 26 Sep 2013, 15:45 ]

THE GROVE HOTEL, NEAR LONDON, ENGLAND, UK (SEPTEMBER 26, 2013) (REUTERS) -  Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier says it is feasible a franchise could be based in London as his team prepare to face the Pittsburgh Steeler's in England's capital on Sunday.

The two teams will clash at Wembley in front of a 90,000 sell out as American sport continues to flirt with a more permanent base in Europe and beyond.

Ice hockey, basketball and NFL have played fixtures away from the United States in recent years, and there is always speculation that a franchise may take up permanent base in a major continental city.

Cosmopolitan London would be an obvious choice, but is still at least a five-hour flight from the east coast of the USA, and, as a soccer mad city, may not embrace NFL in quite the same way if there were a dozen games or more a season rather than one or two.

At a media day on Thursday (September 26) the Vikings' coach spoke positively about more games abroad, although pointed out the problems.

"The travel part you are a little concerned about, depending on what city you travel from," said Frazier. "It is possible for a team to have this as their home base and succeed. The travel part is the one we were looking at and talking about a little bit but I think it is possible."