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Death Sentence For 21 Over Soccer Tragedy

posted 26 Jan 2013, 07:12 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 26 Jan 2013, 07:13 ]

R Reports - Chaos and cheers in a Cairo courtoom as a judge sentences 21 to death for their part in last year's Port Said soccer stadium disaster.

Judge Sobhy Adbel Maguid was forced to call repeatedly for calm as he read the list of names to be sent to Egypt's Grand Mufti - a phrase which denotes the death verdict.

Clutching photos of their loved one, families of some of the 74 victims of the tragedy shouted and cheered as the verdict was delivered.

In Port Said, however, there was violence as two policemen were reportedly shot dead outside a prison and at least six others confirmed dead in clashes there.

Those angry at the verdict took to the streets to protest.

This woman screams that the verdict was 'unjust'.

Seventy-three people were charged with involvement in the disaster last February, which followed a football match between Cairo's Al Ahly and local team, Al Masry.

Spectators were crushed when panicked crowds tried to escape from the Port Said stadium after an invasion by Al Masry supporters.

Many Al-Ahly supporters - also known as Ultras - who had backed the revolution accuse remnants of the old regime of orchestrating the attack.

The verdict for the remaining accused is now expected on March 9.