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David Beckham thanks fans for their support during his last season with L.A. Galaxy

posted 4 Dec 2012, 05:59 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 4 Dec 2012, 06:00 ]

David Beckham and the L.A. Galaxy team thank their fans after winning their second successive MLS Cup over the weekend.

CARSONCALIFORNIAUNITED STATES (DECEMBER 3, 2012) (REUTERS) - A chant of "thank you Beckham" rang out from L.A. Galaxy fans to David Beckham, as the crowd continued their celebration of the team's championship in Los Angeles on Monday (December 3).

"It's been a good few days," said Beckham. "I want to thank you guys for the support you've given me over the last six years, maybe five or five and a half, it was a little bit of a dodgy patch, but apart from that, I want to thank you."

The entire Galaxy roster was in attendance at the same complex where they won their second successive MLS Cup on December 1 to express gratitude to their fans.

Beckham has been adamant that now is the right time for him to end his time as a player in MLS and enjoy one more challenge, with so far an unnamed team, before returning to MLS in an ownership role.

"In the words of Dr. Seuss, 'don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened,'" said L.A. Galaxy fanJohn Paul Sutliff, on Beckham leaving. "I'm smiling because he made it happen for us and he gave us a good shot in the arm and we're grateful to him for it."

L.A. Galaxy has witnessed the arrival of other high profile internationals such as France's Thierry Henryand Ireland's Robbie Keane.

Keane believes Beckham's move to the States handed the league the credibility needed to attract players of his ilk.

"He came in with very good intentions and he's delivered on all his promises that he set out in the beginning," said Keane. "I, as a teammate, am very appreciative of what he's done for our team on the field. As someone who really cares deeply about this sport in this country, I appreciate him even more for what he's done off the field and how he's helped this league grow. So whatever he does in life, we're fully supportive of him."

The league has enjoyed rising attendances during Beckham's six years as a player.