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Coca Cola World Cup Anthem Unveiled In Colombia

posted 13 Jan 2014, 18:56 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 13 Jan 2014, 18:57 ]

Coca-Cola's 2014 World Cup anthem has a decidedly Latin flavour.

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA (JANUARY 13, 2014) (REUTERS) -  Coca-Cola launched its anthem for the 2014 World Cup in Bogota on Monday (January 13) with the help of musicians Carlos Vives, Gaby Amaranotsand David Correy.

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The 2014 World Cup will be hosted in Brazil this June and July and the song features a distinctively Brazilian beat but with influences from the three musicians.

"Of course all the strength of the music from Brazil, who this year will host the World Cup, but it also has a very Colombian flavour. I think we were able to make the three artists essential for the song," Grammy winner, Colombian singer Carlos Vives said.

Correy, best known as a finalist in the second season of the television show "The X Factor" and the other artists sang verses of the song during the launching ceremony in Bogota.

Amarantos, a Brazilian singer, said there was a powerful message in the song.

"To be able to unite singers from all over Latin America is something beautiful. The music is very meaningful. You will hear it. You will be able to feel what we are trying to transmit with this music, this inclusive music. The music and this message which we want to be successful," Amarantos said.

The song will be used in Coca-Cola's global add campaign leading up to and during the 2014 World Cup.