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Chopsticks are 'secret weapon' for South Korea's female archery team

posted 30 Jul 2012, 11:09 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 30 Jul 2012, 11:11 ]

The coach for South Korea's national female archery team believes using chopsticks and making kimchi are the secrets behind their Olympic success.
South Korea's coach for the national female archery team says the secret to their Olympic success is eating with chopsticks and making kimchi, the country's traditional dish.
"Some medical experts call it 'chopstick skills.' It's true. Our athletes have an incredible sense of touch in their fingers. They tend to know where the arrow will hit, the moment it leaves their hands," said Baek Woong-ki, coach for South Korea's national female archery team, during a media day for the team before heading to London.

South Koreans usually use metal chopsticks, which are trickier to use than the wooden ones used in other Asian countries.

"When Korean women cook, it's as if their hands are giving the food more flavour or taste. It can be applied to our sport in the same mechanism. Our athletes have sensitive fingers enabling them to sense delicate touches, which are inherited from tradition," said Baek.

Kimchi is the country's traditional dish, a pickled and peppered cabbage, which requires delicate hand work to prepare.

A female cook at a local restaurant also supported the coach's theory.

"I think the result of our archery game was good because we have kimchi in our country that we make very delicately by hand. Also, most Korean dishes require delicate hand work to make them. I think that is why our archery team won the game," said Lee Tae-boon, who works as a cook for a Korean restaurant in downtown Seoul.

South Korea won the Olympic women's team archery title for the seventh consecutive time on Sunday (July 29) after beating China in the final at Lord's cricket ground.

The Korean trio of Ki Bo-bae, Lee Sung-jin and Choi Hyeon-ju scored 210 points from their 24 arrows to beat the Chinese by a single point. Each arrow can score a maximum of 10 points by hitting the centre of a target 70 metres away.