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Chelsea announce sponsorship deal with Sauber

posted 10 May 2012, 07:54 by Mpelembe Admin

Chelsea announce F1 sponsorship deal.

COBHAM, UK (MAY 10, 2012) 
REUTERS - Sauber's cars will sport the blue logo of Champions League finalists Chelsea from Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix as part of a deal between the

Swiss-based Formula One team and the English Premier League club.

Sauber had the mysterious inscriptions "out of the Blue" and "True Blue" on the engine covers of their cars in the last two races in China and Bahrain

without saying what the words signified.

The Ferrari-powered team said that, in concrete terms, the partnership would include the sale of merchandise and the exchange of sports science know-how.

Both sides will feature the other's logo with the aim of increasing their market presence outside their respective sports.

" From an awareness point of view it's a big big play," said Chelsea Chief Executive Ron Gourlay. " Formula One during this season will probably touch on

half the global population around the world so it's a huge awareness driver , it fits completely into our corporate social responsibility programme that we do

around the world."

With Chelsea due to finish sixth in the Premier League, their only chance of Champions League qualification is the defeat of Bayern Munich in the Champions

League final on May 19.

:" Well it's certainly not where we set out to be at the start of the season, said Gourlay " I don't think we talk about disasters as we've still got every opportunity

of turning this into the most historic season for the football club so we're all confident, these guys are confident, you've seen them this morning,

we're poing in with a positve frame of mind and we all know the objectives of the football club and everybody will play a part I'm sure."