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Bolt seeks Rio 'three-peat'

posted 8 Oct 2012, 13:03 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 8 Oct 2012, 13:03 ]

Usain Bolt rules out competing in different events in Rio to concentrate on 'three-peat'.

 LONDON, ENGLAND, UK  (REUTERS) -  Usain Bolt squashed speculation that he was going to compete in other events at the 2016 Rio Olympics on Monday (October 8), saying he was going to concentrate on a 'three-peat'.

The Jamaican had recently raised speculation that he might switch to the 400 metres or the long-jump but, speaking at a sponsors event in Auckland, the six time Olympic champion said that he wanted to defend his 100, 200 and relay titles in Rio.

"It's all about going in and trying to defend my titles. I don't want to try any different event at Rio because Rio is just to defend my titles to show the world the possibility that I can do it again, the 'three-peat', we'll never know, that's the focus there's not going to be any different event," he said.

The 100 and 200 metre world record holder said his aim was to improve further and run even faster.

"It's all about hard work. I think I was doing great from when I was young so people were saying I was fast for my age but I've put a lot of work into it since I've been a senior athlete and I continue working hard, staying focused and pushing myself. For me that's the focus right now, I don't know how fast I can go but I'll definitely try and go faster every year," he said.

After completing the Olympic spring treble in Beijing and London, Bolt said that the key for him to still keep motivated for Rio is the need to win it for himself.

"The key thing is to want it for yourself first. I think that's what makes it easy for me because I want it for myself first and not for the country, I want it for myself first and then the country comes after so I focus on myself," he said.

"If you want to do good for yourself then your going to do good, you're going to push yourself to do the best you can do, but if you go out thinking I've got to do this for the country then it becomes bigger because then millions of people go on your shoulders. But for me I focus on myself first and I know if I do good then the country is happy so I automatically do good for my country."