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Accused FIFA delegate breaks silence

posted 25 Oct 2010, 03:18 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 25 Oct 2010, 03:21 ]

Suspended FIFA executive committee member Reynald Temarii says he is confident that he will be cleared of any allegations in thirty days.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND (OCTOBER 25, 2010)  TNTV - The president of the Oceania Football Confederation, Reynal Temarii said on Monday (October 25) that he was confident that he would be cleared of any allegations within thirty days, Tahiti Nui TV reported.

Temarii read a statement over phone to Tahiti's local TV station from Auckland, New Zealand.

"I have requested from the President of FIFA my hearing by the Committee of Ethics of FIFA in the wake of the serious accusations made against me by the British weekly The Sunday Times on October 17, 2010. This hearing allowed me to provide the elements of evidence that set my perfect good faith in this matter and the false and malicious nature of this plot that, no doubt, through me, aims at FIFA and all the selection process of candidate countries to the World Cup. This newspaper has deliberately truncated elements of discussion in order to undermine my integrity and FIFA's altogether. From now on, I will apply to the FIFA for an investigation which will determine who the real perpetrators and sponsors who have organized and financed the operation of destabilization are, and, where applicable, the complicity they have benefited. I have asked my lawyers to consider all legal proceedings necessary to preserve my rights. As an interim measure and in order to preserve its image, the ethics committee of FIFA has very rightly decided to suspend me from all official duties for a period of thirty days, by then my honor and my account will have been cleared of these false suspicions," he said.

FIFA's ethics committee, headed by former Switzerland international forward Claudio Sulser, is carrying out an inquiry into the contest to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups following allegations of vote-selling.

The committee is due to make a final ruling in mid-November.

FIFA's ethics committee provisionally suspended executive committee members Amos Adamu of Nigeria and Tahiti's Reynald Temarii. Both have denied wrongdoing and said they expect to be cleared.

Voting on the World Cup hosts is restricted to the members of FIFA's executive committee. The decision will be made on December 2.

FIFA is also investigating allegations that two unnamed candidates have broken the rules by acting in collusion.

England, Russia, Spain/Portugal and Belgium/Netherlands are bidding to host the 2018 World Cup while Japan, South Korea, Australia, United States and Qatar are candidates for 2022.